Meet Fayola Caines

Fayola Caines

Fayola Caines M.S. Registered Mental Health Therapist Intern, Mother, Beauty Consultant, Teen Mentor, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker focuses on helping others Embrace Total Wellness! Fayola seeks to assist individuals as well as couples to remove barriers which cloud their judgment for success in personal, business, or career life. She accomplishes this through what she refers to as “Detox Therapy”. She believes that the relationship you have with yourself is an ultimate influencing factor on the relationship you have with others. Fayola provides an interactive therapy for her clients infused with tools and techniques that allow them to gain better clarity of what they want out of their relationships, career and life.

Fayola seeks to inspire, motivate, and equip her clients with the needed tools that benefit their unique circumstances through the use of positive therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and solution focused therapies. Her strategies are researched based and provides positive detox therapy and learning opportunities for clients to become aware of themselves, their thinking, and their emotions. She seeks to spread awareness about the importance of having a counseling relationship just as everyone has medical relationships with their PCP, OBGYN, Personal Trainer or Mentor. Her objective is the dismantle the stereotypes which surround obtaining therapy and to help people understand that having a therapist means that you want to become intentional about having great relationships with your career, yourself and others.

Her belief is that you should utilize a trained professional whether you are wanting to just get some things sorted out and have someone that you can speak with in an unbiased confidential way. Fayola Strives to make this not your ordinary couch,where Therapy is a place that you can get totally honest with yourself in order to make your life Rock! As a component of Life Balance and Beauty the opportunity of overall wellness has been implemented in order to assist and motivate individuals with not only the drop of mental weight but physical weight for abundant living. Fayola also believes that dropping physical weight is mental. She feels that most people struggles has nothing to do with their physical ability to get started and maintain but once the mental blocks of what is keeping you from being successful in accomplishing other areas of your life are addressed anything is possible through what she calls “resistance resilience training”.